LLC "UKRAILTRANS IN UKRAINE" is part of an international group of companies Ukrailtrans with (Hungary), headquartered in Budapest, founded in 1994.

Ukrailtrans provides forwarding services transportation of goods within Europe, CIS and Baltic countries.

The key specialization of the company - is a comprehensive organization of rail freight. In the process of development, the company currently provides a range of services for the transport of goods in all possible modes of transport, including road transport, sea transport and air cargo delivery.

Developing transport logistics services, our company is pleased to offer an extensive range of support services that can help qualitatively organize the transport (logistics) of cargo: cargo insurance en route from damage, loss or theft; insurance of both the cargo and the liability of carriers and forwarders; tracking of vehicles (cars, ships, containers, aircraft, cars) in their route; Organization of transshipment processes (handling) of goods, storage, re-registration documents, and many other services ...

For more than two decades, a group of companies Ukrailtrans has direct contracts with many state railway administrations of the CIS countries, that allows you to quickly solve business and technical problems of our customers related to the transport of both internal communications and transit, export / import transportation, to ensure the payment of railway tariff tariffs with first-hand how the CIS countries and the European administrations.


Basic transportation market segments UKRAILTRANS:

- Transportation of liquefied gases and other hydrocarbons in specialized tanks for volatile goods;

- Massive energy (coal) and building materials in their own gondolas;

- Unitized cargo in covered rolling stock;

- Transportation of perishable food products, goods subject to temperature regimes, in their own cars-thermoses and refrigerated secretions;

- Organization of transport of oversized loads on transporter wagons;

- Development and implementation of logistics services for the organization of shipments of cars directly at the stations, organization of loading / unloading station and other services.


Principles of UKRAILTRANS:

- Continuous development and improvement of services;

- Develop long-term partnerships with its customers and suppliers;

- Individual approach to each client's wishes;

- Attracting the best professionals in the field of logistics for the creation of high-quality services;

- High quality standards of shipments and subsequent maintenance.