Company UKRAILTRANS Ukraine has a huge experience of freight rail traffic and ancillary modes of transport, on territories of Ukraine, the countries of Europe, CIS and the Middle East. We are doing our best to form a better price offer, development of optimal logistics solutions and high-reliability implementation.

A short list of companies

UKRAILTRANS services in Ukraine:

- organization of transportation of goods in its own rolling stock;

- search for and supply of wagons for loading inventory of the park;

- freight forwarding by railways of Ukraine, CIS and Baltic countries;

- tracking of wagons in transit;

- provision of information on rail fare rates, station codes, route and timing of delivery of goods by rail;

- on the organization of rail transport, the development of integrated logistics solutions for the customer;

- organization of transportation of goods in transit, handling of goods in transit;

- Organization of reloading cars with narrow gauge to broad gauge wagons on the European borders of Ukraine;

- reekspeditsiya, declaration of goods;

- Container shipping;

- organization of transportation of perishable goods in refrigerated sections;

- transportation of oversized and dangerous cargoes with the development of transport schemes;

- services "Shipper" and "Consignee";

- groupage cargo;

- organization of loading and unloading at the station;

- insurance of goods in transit.